•Spider lowers 135.00 a pair

•Max Down Force lowers 135.00 a pair

•Spindles 165.00 each



8 thoughts on “VIKING COMPONENTS

  1. I am currently running a GRT in Pennsylvania I am a low funds kinda team and was wondering if any of the parts from my car would interchange to save me a buck or two. Would really love to get your name out there and show all these people that rockets are not the only car out there

    • Hey Mike,
      We will help you out as much as we can , to save you some bucks. Give me a call 270-348-2119
      Josh with Viking Chassis inc.

  2. Who in Iowa has a car? I am thinking of getting back into racing and would like to see a car before ordering. Nice different design.

  3. I am looking to get a new chassis. Who in txhas a mod. Will the parts off my mod work ? Are they imca legal

    • The chassis on our sit isn’t IMCA legal , we do build an IMCA approved chassis. But only do a few a year. The down tubes are 8 inchs in word to the back of the car.

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