•Spider lowers 135.00 a pair

•Max Down Force lowers 135.00 a pair

•Spindles 165.00 each



9 thoughts on “VIKING COMPONENTS

  1. I am currently running a GRT in Pennsylvania I am a low funds kinda team and was wondering if any of the parts from my car would interchange to save me a buck or two. Would really love to get your name out there and show all these people that rockets are not the only car out there

    • Hey Mike,
      We will help you out as much as we can , to save you some bucks. Give me a call 270-348-2119
      Josh with Viking Chassis inc.

  2. Who in Iowa has a car? I am thinking of getting back into racing and would like to see a car before ordering. Nice different design.

  3. I am looking to get a new chassis. Who in txhas a mod. Will the parts off my mod work ? Are they imca legal

    • The chassis on our sit isn’t IMCA legal , we do build an IMCA approved chassis. But only do a few a year. The down tubes are 8 inchs in word to the back of the car.

  4. Hey guys. My wife and I are in a unique situation. We run a limited late model and our class is about to go away which sux. Want to go to a 4 bar car but the funds are limited. I wouldnt mind taking time to slowly piece together a car but need a chassis first. I have been looking at your chassis and really like the style and notice they are front runners. Having served we race for the troops and would like to take them to the next level. Not looking for hand outs just options to move up to the big leagues on a budget. Thoughts? Thanks! Drew

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