Custom Websites

Design, Build, & Maintain
I designed from scratch, built, and
personally maintain these sites.

Build, & Maintain
Someone else designed these sites,
but I built them and personally maintain them.

Maintenance Only
Okay, someone else designed them and built them,
but I still personally maintain these sites.

Template-Based Websites

Build, & Maintain
I built each of these template-based sites from the client's color selections and logos. These clients use a FCKeditor to edit the content of their pages, but for structural setup and updates, I am the sole provider for their customer service needs. Right now I maintain 86 of these sites total; this list is less than half of them.
Graphic Design

Bits & Pieces
I use Photoshop and Illustrator every day in my web design practices so pieces done for pure pleasure are few and far between...

Fine Art

Loose Ends
I've dabbled in Photography through the years for pleasure. The Architectural Renderings were strictly business though -- all done by hand with Uniball pens.